Saturday, June 8, 2024

Status Update 2024

So, I'm currently busy working on Artificial Intelligence / Web3 innovations with my old friends at Inference Labs. The internet will probably start to see some texts I'm currently writing about our products and overall landscape of this scene but I want to add a little explanation of my feelings for people who don't read me here. I really love how new projects are advancing on the intelligence increase and even life extension fronts in a trustless, decentralized manner. It's going to be awhile till we see a decentralized AI doctor or anything remotely resembling AGI but the progress is coming slowly yet surely. Space Migration is still a domain of Big Companies, still too centralized and inaccessible to regular people, but it's not a government monopoly anymore and that gotta count as advancement as well. It's even possible now to find profit streams in the Crypto world to fund research and development, seriously reducing the need to attract early investments from Big Money (although those are also more than happy to participate in this stuff nowadays).

BitTensor is a big hub for innovations, we are operating a subnet there and the whole incentive structure feels a little weird but it seems to work quite well for attracting miners and creating a minimal version of our verified intelligence product without overinvesting into infrastructure. I'm currently trying to explain Dynamic Tao proposal in simple words and it gets complicated and somehow I failed to find the longer technical version of BIT001 proposal paper.

Personal relationships are not developing too well recently, I think I can get a little scary to normal people and people still exhaust me too quickly, but I think the quality of casual acquaintances and spontaneous parties just started to improve a little. I'm usually frustrated with the whole casual dating scene and rarely participate, but I think I might know someone ready for a partnership, nothing is clear yet but it's being worked on. It would be great to have a life partner again, the only type of connection I'm really good at. Well, that and work stuff. Who needs friends, and why, when it's possible to just work your ass off and pay helpful professionals?