Monday, February 6, 2017

WTF is L5

So, I've decided to start one more rarely updated blog to occasionally write about non-work-related technology news (including non-work-related programming stuff, hopefully), lifestyle, society, personal matters, and sometimes about shit absolutely unrelated to anything. Nerds among you probably already googled wikipedia and know that L5 has to do with space colonies. At this point I must mention that I'm in no way affiliated with L5 Society and not even sure whether it's wise to build a station there and not, say, L2.

This time round I'm being smart about starting a blog. You see, it's absolutely quintessential to use a custom domain from day one. Even if using a hosted service, never use their subdomains. If you ever grow out of the service or want to move somewhere, the subdomain will hurt you google results and readers. Domains are cheap, on the other hand, even if you hoard them like I do (hint: .click provides the cheapest generic-sounding domains if money are tight, otherwise look at the whole bunch of new gTLDs, some of them might fit your needs).

Now, who is this guy and to what extent is he unqualified to speak about anything at all?

Some may know me by my other blog or even in real life, for some I'm a complete stranger, so let me say a few things about myself to give you some idea what to expect from this blog. I'm a big-time science fiction fan, of that endangered breed more interested in Robert A. Heinlein's novels than comic book movies. I'm a long-term vegan and think that plant-based diet is a sure way to avoid some common health issues (although I have a bunch of other unhealthy habits, you could hardly recognize me as a health nut). I'm also curious about supplements (given, some of them are expensive placebo, but some work wonderfully — statement not evaluated by FDA, etc., etc.). Some aspects of eco/green/nature loving movement I find admirable but mostly I'm not some help-sandals-wearing hippy. I believe in technology, including but not limited to genetic engineering and other biotech, robotics, 3D printing and nano stuff, space stuff, smart energy sources, etc. I largely do not believe in climate scares, GMO scares, endangered species scares, robots killing humans scares, and most of other technology-related scares, and I don't wear a tinfoil hat, not usually (I'm skeptical about efficiency of certain common practices though, including, for example, some widely used vaccines but I reserve an opinion in most cases until I've read more studies). I think that many current social institutions are not fit for this age of science and technology (but probably nothing but space migration will help, and even that might not). I'm a traveler, I've seen many different institutions at work and will see more of them. I'm also a lazy ass, so apart from being interested in all those cool things I don't really do that much about it and also my work (as a software engineer) does not leave me that much free time. So expect more of "look, a cool new thing" posts than "how to make a new cool thing, a video" (and, overall, I'm not sure I'll be shooting videos at all). I'm comfortable with a screwdriver and, to some extent, with a soldering iron, but that's about it.

Everything I say should be taken with a grain of salt and provided as is, I'm not a specialist in most areas I'll be writing here about, mostly I just see something cool and write about it. If I discussed something that's sold for money, most likely I'm not affiliated with sellers in any way (if I ever post referral links, I'll be explicit about it). Although if by any chance you want to pay me to write about something or send me some cool thing to review, I'm open to that, write me privately (but I won't necessarily agree and expect nothing but an honest, unbiased review from me).

Everything I write is dedicated to public domain and can be used without any restrictions (link in footer for those who care). I don't care what you do with it, but please add links to the source if reposting or something and, you know, be otherwise nice to people if you don't mind.

And now that I spent all my free time writing this, I don't know when the next post will be. Stay tuned. Or not.