Sunday, June 16, 2024

Future Gadgets Labs (name subject to change)

I have this half-crazy idea that instead of finding friends I might try and found some research organization instead one day. Details are to be decided but I have a forming group of like-minded people I like hanging out with who are interested in some of the topics I'm exploring and I don't have any money to pay anyone (most of us have day jobs anyway) or any good project ideas to get funding for but it feels that as soon as there's some public space and name and stated purpose for it there will be more enthusiasm and meaning to it all. And maybe some of the ideas will finally get more fleshed out and some seed funding, paid internships, and serious work could be a viable future. If not, I'll just start a blog and some other online empty spaces to put more content into. Would make my CV look funnier if nothing else.

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Anybody interested in becoming an unpaid intern in a weird underground research lab?